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What Conditions Does Your eye specialist Treat?

The only kinds of eye specialists that are also real doctors, ophthalmologists concentrate on the health and surgical care of the eyes and visual system to reduce disease and injury.

Although trained to supply complete vision care, such as examinations and regular vision solutions, eye physicians spend the majority of their time handling more severe ailments, disorders, and diseases which cause a visual disturbance. You can contact experienced eye specialists, best eye specialist in Dubai for the best treatment.

Here are the most typical ones.


A chief cause of blindness, blindness is a disease that strikes the optic nerve, resulting in slow vision loss. At last count, over three million Americans were living with it.

Because glaucoma may cause irreversible damage to vision, it has to be treated as soon as possible. An experienced ophthalmologist can prescribe drops or pills to prevent permanent handicap.


A typical, age-related illness, cataracts are muddy regions that form on the lens of their eye. If left untreated, they could diminish visual acuity to some substantial level. The great thing is they are nearly 100 percent curable with a straightforward surgical procedure.

Allergic diseases

A coating of nerve cells in the rear of the eyeball, the retina provides light impulses into the brain, by which they're recognized as visual pictures. As it's a very delicate, complicated construction, the retina is more exposed to numerous different ailments and ailments.

Corneal Conditions

Another exceptionally sensitive arrangement, the cornea is the clear window of the eye that covers the iris and the pupil. From scrapes on dryness to inflammation, there are numerous things that could lead to corneal problems.


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