What Are The Serious Problems Caused By Talcum Powder Use?

Talcum powder is formed by the talc which is a mineral composed of three main element magnesium, silicon and oxygen. Talcum powder works great for absorbing moisture. It helps to keep the skin dry and even prevents rashes.

In cosmetic products such as baby powder and face powders, talcum powder is widely used. Some talc containing asbestos. This particular substance is known to cause cancer.

Studies have shown that talc powder increases ovarian cancer chances among women. When talcum powder is applied to the genital area then there are chances that the particles can move to the ovary. This can lead to the formation of talcum powder ovarian cancer. If you are suffering from ovarian cancer due to talcum powder, then you can send a contact  to professional talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyer. The help you in seeking compensation that you deserve.

talcum powder lawsuit

Some reports have shown that one in 75 women in the US is at risk of developing ovarian cancer in her lifetime.

Talc contains asbestos and it causes lung cancer if inhaled. Talc minerals contain asbestos which has more chances of developing lung cancer and respiratory diseases. The natural form has asbestos talc and other minerals.

There are about thousands of baby powder lawsuits that are filed against Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit claimed that the manufacturer does not tell the user about the risk associated with the use of the product.


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