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Tips to Find the Right Instructor For You

As a qualified and experienced fitness trainer, I see clients from all backgrounds and one of the things I like most about this job is helping people to get more out of life. A client, who has his own physical challenges but enjoys archery, becomes frustrated with his low score despite being motivated and skilled in sports.

The woman I worked with suffered from diabetes and also peripheral neuropathy, the coordination was unstable because she experienced a lack of feeling in her legs and she had undergone previous surgery on her knees for unrelated conditions. You can visit to find the best personal training instructor.

We started by creating exercises specifically designed for him to increase strength and agility and help reduce his weight by using a lying cycle and lifting weights.

I have my own unique understanding of the relationship between strength, stability and supported training because I have had my own physical challenges for years, after suffering from an aneurysm as a child.

My top tips for finding the right personal trainer for you?

Word of mouth is always a very good way, so don't ask questions, but you can always use directories like Steps to Wellness to find someone in your area.

Always ask to see qualifications and insurance for your personal safety and think about where you want the training to take place – some trainers will work outside or in the gym and some in your home.

My last tip is not to be intimidated by someone who is very fit – we do have a little reputation for being tied to muscles but we are also human.

And as a final note, communication and sharing are the keys to professional services provided by a coach so it's important for you to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. I wish you the best for your trip.


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