Tips on how to get Promotion


It can be hard for those who work hard on a daily basis, stay back to work extra hours and yet don’t get promoted. This can sometimes lead to depression and don’t get the answer for getting promotion. If you’re in line waiting for the next promotion, then these are the things you should be doing.

  1. Let them Know – When you hear about promotion in your company, make sure to remind and tell the seniors about you being interested. Ask them whether they would look for the employee having extra qualification along with the room of improvement if required.
  2. Refresh the Resume – Having a resume is fine; however, you must update it based on your current responsibilities. Doing this will help you in the new job after getting promoted. The seniors would want to see that updating resumes gives them the impression that you are ready to carry out bigger responsibilities once promoted.
  3. Dress Appropriately – Dressing up appropriately is considered to be as important as waiting in line to get promoted. Not only does it make one look good and professional, but also creates a positive impression in the minds of the seniors on how much of a competitor you are. Make sure you clean-shave, shoes are clean and hair a decent haircut.
  4. Earn a Certification – Having dedication and willing to work hard does not mean that you would be promoted. Few jobs require the employee to hold a certificate in certain fields.

These are a few ways to get promoted. You may also want to consider getting sustainable procurement training if you are working in the procurement department.


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