Thailand Travel Guide to Explore this Magnificent Destination

It is fun to travel Thailand because it is interesting and exotic place to identify. Thailand is the prevalent tourist place. There are plenty of things to do in Thailand. If there is any place to have a vacation to Thailand, do not be astonished when you end up extending the stay. The prices are cheap and the scenery is beautiful.

Contact ESTA Visa Company to get your visa.If you like to vacation on phuket island beach, also visit temples like wat chaiwathanaram or have a forest hike, you can choose location according to your choice. Adventure choices like exploring the jungle terrain by elephant back or by foot. You contain the choice to visit on a car drive safaris. You can be able to view beautiful plants and animals in the wonderful natural habitat at the national park. If you are planning to enjoy your time on island’s beaches, there are numerous activities to make you busy.

You can choose sailing, diving, sea canoeing, windsurfing, snorkeling or swimming. The Tarutao Park gives exotic snorkeling trips. There are guides available for the people who are new at the game and these tour instructors can assist you to have more time on the beach. Take a trip on a glass bottom boat to look local fish and corals which you cannot see at any places. People who are golfer do not want to worry to miss their play; there are more than 100 gold courses to select from.

pattaya beach

The charges are reasonable and most of the courses are situated near the big tourist destination. People, who visit Thailand for food, do not want to be disappointed.

The Thai cuisine is popular as the world healthiest in the local area. There is plenty of tasty fresh caught fish and other sea food cooked perfectly by using aromatic spices and herbs. You can enjoy on having food grilled or fried. It is the place of leader in attendance, plenty of Buddhist monasteries and temples, beautiful palaces, and pagodas you can see in Bangkok, the white sand beaches in pattaya, active nightlife with different kinds of entertainment and shows.

Bangkok that refers wild plum city was constructed by king Rama I. This place is popular for its wonderful monuments of culture and architecture. Lot of Buddhist temples and high roofs of palaces, numerous cars and ships, the regular stench of exhaust fumes and little cozy style parks are woven collectively and make a right ensemble of places.

It is also known as krung tep, it has the official name of the capital. The historic city is made by the Chao Phraya River and the near areas. The primary attraction in this place is grand palace, the home of Thai kings with beautiful parks and the buildings in conventional Thai style. The wall length of the palace is above 2 km long.

You can also find library and the mausoleum in the royal palace complex which houses cremated stays of the members of the royal family. The favorite home of Rama V and the biggest construction in the world is also seen here, constructed fully of golden teak wood that is now availed like a museum.

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