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How to To Choose South American Food

Most Americans are not very familiar with food from South America. South American restaurants in the United States are located in major cities and not from the various chains. The food was full of contrasts and flavors.

The South American continent is very large and has a lot of areas as well as in different countries. But at the same time, you can find a lot of similarities between foods from various regions. Tasting and learning about different foods can be very interesting and fun.

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First, in some South American countries to climate and geographical characteristics as well as many historical events that have occurred have made certain areas, especially in the south where they have livestock, and has become a big red meat eater.

We all became very familiar with the popularity of barbecue Brazil. Even in Brazil there are great differences from region to region. Second, the climate in South America is great for fresh vegetables and fruits. Many areas are also known for their fresh fish. The southern area is also known for paprika and spices them.

Third, some of the dishes can be found throughout South America, such as dulce de leche, originate in Uruguay or Argentina, but the variety of dishes that are found throughout South America.

Lastly, if you are lucky enough to be in town in which South American food available make sure you take advantage of visiting the restaurant and tried many exotic and tasty specialties.


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