How to Spend a Couple Quality Time in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire is the third largest city of the United Kingdom and a perfect place to halt for couples on a tour to Scotland, as it is filled with exotic romantic destinations for exploring. Aberdeenshire has a variety of destinations such as alluring golf courses, monarchical castles, whisky distilleries, mountains, scenery, and exotic beaches, making a perfect romantic place for couples. Let’s find more about these places.

Nature has always exhilarated couples. The Duthie Park in Aberdeenshire, which is located at the bank The River Dee, is a wonderful place to visit with your partner. Being Europe’s largest indoor garden, the Dutie Park has a variety of fishes, flowers, insects and birds that are scarcely found anywhere else in the world. The rose hill in Dutie Park is a mesmerizing place. The place is so beautiful that you would feel like a spell has been cast upon you. In the rose hill you will find a variety of 12,000 kinds of roses. It is the perfect place to take your loved one there and give him/her the lovely gift of not a bunch of roses but a variety of 12,000 roses to see and feel the amorous love between you both.

Duthie Park in Aberdeenshire

For those who have a special corner in life art, the Aberdeen art gallery is the perfect place to visit. The gallery is full of sculptures, paintings, and silver and ceramics costumes. It also includes the work of great artists such as the Bonnard, Renoir, Monet and the prodigious Sisley.

To sit beside a waterfall is one of the most romantic moments any couple can have and very few get this golden chance. You and your partner can experience this moment of love in the Linn O’ Dee waterfalls. Have a romantic time with your lover while listening to the lovely sound of a waterfall. It would be like a dream sequence for your lover and would definitely be a moment worth enjoying and reminiscing in the future.

Another enchanting place is the Johnstone garden wherein you can sit with your lover’s hand in hand. It is the ideal place to tell your love about your unconditional love for him/her. You can spend hours listening to the flowing water, quacking ducks and enjoying the heavenly scenery around.

The Bullers Buchan is the exemplary place to explore if you both love sceneries and watch exotic variety of birds soaring high up in the sky. This heavenly creation of god is worth visiting once. Lovers can have hours of rejuvenating romantic walk along the Bullers Buchan.

Sitting on the sand looking into your lover’s eye and behind you is the crystal clear sea. Sounds like a dream but dreams do come true. You can enjoy this lovely moment on the Balmedia beach. It is a very peaceful location and you will hardly find anyone to disturb between the romantic moments of you and your lover. It is the ideal destination for couples. You can also visit the His Majesty Theatre and have a gala time enjoying various performances.

If you wish to give a royal treatment to your love then the Aberdeen Treetops hotel has all the elite facilities and is part of the renowned hotel chain. The Patio Hotel is also a good option. It has a classic sea view which you and your lover can enjoy. To experience a truly unique experience you can also enjoy your stay in the Marnoch lodges.

It said that the way to a man’s heart begins from his stomach. You can impress your lover by taking him/her to the conservatory restaurant, which provides delicious cuisines to relish. You can also loosen up sitting in the drawing room, which is popular for its collection of 100 malt whiskies.

Before visiting Aberdeenshire, make sure your passport is valid. If the passport has been expired, get it renewed at the passport renewals office.

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