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How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight For Oily Skin

To deal with oily skin with pimples is quite a difficult task. Here we will get to know about how to get rid of pimples overnight for oily skin. Oily skin is itself the biggest problem. And if there appear pimples on oily skin then the problem is very serious. When there is an excess of oil present in our skin It leads us to several problems like the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and other serious skin problems or infections.

A pimple is defined as such a condition of skin inflammation in which the oil glands of the skin are infected by bacteria and cause swelling also called a pimple or pustules.  Pimples usually appear on the face, back, neck and on the shoulders. If we don’t clean our skin properly on daily basis then there are greater chances of pimple formation.


Causes of pimples formation on the skin

There are sebaceous glands present all over in our body. they are not present only in palm and soles of our body. they are also called as oil glands. When these glands are infected by bacteria then because of this infection pimples are formed on the skin. Pimples are also known as pustules.

Sebaceous glands secrete an oil called sebum. The oil sebum is responsible for controlling the required amount of oil in our skin. In short malfunctioning of sebaceous gland results in the formation of acne on the skin.

The oil which is present in an excess amount in oily skin attracts the dust from the outer atmosphere and block skin pores causing the formation of pimples.

To cure acne

Regular care, cleansing and moisturizing your face on a daily basis by using natural or authentic products helps to get rid of pimples from oily skin.

Remedies for how to get rid of pimples overnight for oily skin

Here are some effective remedies which can help you to cure your acne on oily skin.

  1. By Using Toothpaste

toothpaste is found to be very effective for curing acne. The method is also quite easy. You just must apply a thick layer of toothpaste on acne. This simple trick will not only cure your acne but also helps to remove acne spots. Apply toothpaste in a night on the pimples and remove it in the morning. Always take care of one thing that the toothpaste you are using for curing pimples should be white. Avoid using gel form toothpaste.

  1. By Applying Garlic Paste

Garlic has many significant characteristics which distinguish it from all other remedies. Garlic is known as an antioxidant, antiseptic and antifungal agent. Method of applying is here. Gently rub freshly cut pieces of garlic on the effected spots for few minutes. And then wash the area with lukewarm water. Apply this process 2 to 3 times in a day. It works effectively.

  1. Use Of Baking Soda For Pimples On Oily Skin

Baking soda is known for its magical benefits. It exfoliates the skin by removing dust and dirt particles from the cells of the skin and it also removes dead cells from the skin.

Method of using baking soda is also very simple. Make a thick paste of baking soda by adding a small amount of water or few drops of lime juice in it.

Apply this magical paste on your skin 2 times in a day to get your required results.

  1. By Applying Ice On Acne

Ice is very helpful for curing pimples. It helps to reduce inflammation and redness on the skin. Rubbing ice pieces on your skin also improves the circulation of blood. This remedy also helps to clean dirt particles from the skin. You can also use ice pieces by wrapping them in a piece of cloth and pressing them on the required affected area. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times in a day. Note: avoid using this remedy in winter.

  1. Steam For Pimples On Oily Skin

Steam is quite effective for getting rid of pimples especially in case of oily skin. Applying steam helps to remove dirt particles from the skin pores and removes bacteria which are causing infection. Due to which pimples are appearing on the skin. The method is as follows: take a big container of hot water and take steam by covering your head with some thick cloth or towel. This remedy really works for oily skin.


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