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How To Find A Top Realtor

So where do you go to find a good realtor? Finding a broker is not among the easiest tasks. You have to find someone who will work with you to sell/buy a house, not pressurize you to make an offer so they can make a profit.

Yes, the first thing I do when looking for a new realtor is to call randomly from the phone book, then I go to their office and talk to them. I asked them what they would do for me if I registered my house with them.

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Be careful, there are some unscrupulous agents who will try to get you to sign a listing agreement with them, letting you know that you only want to talk to them and that you will call them when you make a decision.

What they actually discussed when they came to my house to write a list, what types of advertisements they did, how often they did open houses and of course their commissions. I did not sign any listing agreements until I had interviewed several sales agents and selected which I would work with.

Follow the Realtor's advice and the advice you read here to help your house sell quickly and for as much money as possible. Getting a broker who is not arrogant is a must, there is nothing worse than being pressured to sell your house. But remember this is a two-way street, you must be willing to make certain changes to sell your house effectively.


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