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How To Insert A Sim Card, So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

How to insert a sim card in your phone is quite easy and simple. The mobile phone is a universal need of every person in this age of 21st century. In this era of a modern age. it is the need of every man and woman. It has shortened the distance between people who stay miles away from each other.  When we want to talk to someone we just pick the mobile and dial the number of that person. In seconds we can hear the voice of that person. Now even we can see our loved ones due to the service of video calling. Social network sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Snapchat, Viber, and Instagram.


Now the point is how to insert a sim card in your mobile phone. It is quite simple and easy. Now as I brief the importance of mobile phone in our daily life in the same way sim card is also essential for every man and woman in this world. Now we will discuss the method of inserting sim card in your phone. First, it is necessary to know the type of your mobile phone. If you have an ordinary mobile phone, then the method is quite simple. But if you have an iPhone and smartphone then sim inserting method would be different. I will describe here both methods.

How to Insert Sim Card In An Ordinary And Simple Mobile Phone

To insert sim card in these types of phones is quite simpler. The complete method is here.

  1. First, for inserting sim card turn off your mobile phone.
  2. Then take off the outer cover of your mobile phone.
  3. After removing the outer cover then carefully take off the battery of the phone.
  4. Just beneath the battery there present a sim slot where your sim card can be inserted.
  5. Insert your sim card in that selected place. Make sure that sim card is perfectly matched to that place. If there is any difficulty in fitting your sim card in the sim slot, then remove it and try again to insert it until it is adjusted.
  6. After you are satisfied with this insertion then replace the battery and outer mobile cover to their place and enjoy using your phone.

How to insert a sim card in the smartphone (an iPhone)

This method is a bit complicated as compared to the method of simple mobile phones. For this purpose, utilize the sim eject tool or (paper clip). The method is mentioned here.

In an iPhone, you don’t need to remove the outer cover of your mobile because its sim slot is located in the outer area just beneath the screen area in the side area.

First, for inserting sim card in an iPhone you need a sim eject tool for pushing the sim tray. If you don’t have a sim eject tool, then you can also use the end of a paper clip.

Insert the end of the sim eject tool into the hole where sim tray is present.

  1. Press firmly yours eject tool and try your best to push it inside it until the sim tray comes out.
  2. Then pull out the sim tray and place where your sim card. Make sure that your sim is fit in its original place.
  3. Now with greater care push the sim tray containing the sim card back into an iPhone.

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