Hermit Crab Without Shell

Whenever you see a hermit crab without shell the first thing that you should do is not to get panic. your this act can frighten the hermit crab. If you start screaming this act can horrify the crab. Because the crab is already in a trouble. The reason is its shell is being snatched by another hermit crab. They are so choosy about their shell. So, when you see such crab try to help it out.

Hermit crab

that is concealed in a scavenged mollusc shell carried around by the hermit crab. Most species have long, spirally curved abdomens, which

Reasons of why hermit crab is without its shell

  • The first and most important reason is that the crabs do fights to get their desirable shell and sometimes they stole shells from one another. So whenever or wherever you see a shell-less crab it is understood that its shell is being snatched by another hermit crab. There are also other many reasons of shell-less crab which I am telling you further.
  • Another important reason for shell-less crab is stress. When the crab feels stressed it comes out of the shell. The reason of stress is warmer environment inside the shell. ┬áThe warmer environment is due to the increase in humidity. When the temperature inside the shell raises from 70 to 80 percent it causes the crab to become stressed and comes out of its shell.

When you place crab shell near food dish this act can also cause the crab to come out of its shell. This is the biggest reason.

  1. When the shell become irritating for the crab it comes out of the shell. When the sand gets into the shell and most often fungal infections and mites can cause the crabs to come out of the shell.
  2. Another reason is molting. When there takes place the process of molting the crab comes out of the shell.

Hermit Crab Without Shell

Parameters that you should adopt to send crabs back to their shell

by adopting these parameters, you can make the hermit crab safe and can send them back to their shells again. They are as follows:

  1. Firstly, protect your hermit crabs from other hermit crabs. You can use an isolation tank and you can also protect them by making a fence around the place where you kept your hermit crabs.
  2. Try to provide a larger quantity of big and capacious shells to the hermit crabs as I mentioned earlier that hermit crabs are very choosy about their shells so they like large shells with different beautiful and eye-catching colours. Also, be careful about the size and most particular about the shape of the shell.
  3. Shell should possess ideal humidity level which is about 70 to 80 percent. If the humidity level of the shell rises above this ideal value, it can make the hermit crab stressed and he comes out of the shell. so be careful.
  4. An instrument which is known as hygrometer can be used to check the humidity level inside the shell. It is quite useful.
  5. You should provide moisture to the shell because when the hermit crab is present inside the shell then its gills need some moisture.
  6. To comfort him try to leave him alone. it feels secure and likes the peace and quite environment.


After reading this you should be able to know a lot about hermit crabs. And if you want to keep hermit crabs as your pets so you have all the main precautions for taking care of them.


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