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Diabetic Foot Care: Why It Matters And What It Takes

Newly diagnosed diabetes patients may not be surprised to hear that regular monitoring of blood sugar and diet restrictions will be new parts of their health care regimen, but it can be surprising to hear that their condition requires maintenance of their feet too.

Sometimes the loss of feeling in your feet can mean that you have to be extra vigilant about checking for sores that you may have received but did not feel. To get more information about diabetic foot care, you can visit

Foot Maintenance Basics For Diabetics

The most important thing every diabetic can do for legs is to keep them clean, dry, and warm, with the aim of retaining any blood circulation in the legs are still there.

While trimming your toenails, cut straight across and use an emery board to file the bottom corner, at the same time keeping a close eye out for ingrown toenails, which should be addressed by a podiatrist.

Finally, pay special attention to the soft skin between the toes: treat this area with caution when towel-drying your feet and never applying lotion there.

Diabetes Foot Care Devices

Besides orthotics, there are a number of devices on the market that can make it easier for diabetics to enjoy life with a minimum of pain associated with their disease.

For example, diabetics are disturbed by the sheet or blanket sensation in their feet resting on the bed may be helpful to buy (or build) a blanket lifting bar, which can be mounted on the end of the bed to hold a blanket over their toes permission. Remember that there is never a need to suffer in silence with leg pain caused by diabetes


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