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An Introduction To PRP Therapy For Hair Loss

You might have knowledge about PRP because this term is getting popular nowadays. Nowadays it's become popular in treating baldness. PRP raises the platelet concentration in your blood that's then injected back into the patient in the baldness region to promote hair growth.

You might be wondering how long PRP treatment (which is known as ‘PRP behandling’ in the Norwegian language) takes, if it's painful, and just how much it costs. You can have a look at below points to clear all your doubts: 

How can PRP hair regeneration function?

PRP for baldness basically operates by taking away the red blood cells from the patient's blood by turning it around in a centrifuge. Since platelets absorb human development variables from the entire body, this concentration of platelets can then be injected back into the body where it came to foster the re-growth of hair.

prp therapy for hair loss

When are you going to see desirable outcomes?

Results may be observed within three weeks of therapy and become more striking after six or more months.

How frequently patients get treatment? 

Then is may be required to repeat it twice each 6 to 12 weeks. As more experience is obtained by people that provide PRP remedies, this program may vary.

Can it be equally effective for women and men?

Surely, it's successful for everybody. But, it may depend on the duration of time baldness has become a problem.


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