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All About Steel Sculpture

While marble and bronze have historically preferred medium for sculptors, new techniques in use and forming of steel have made one of the best media for modern sculptors to use.

Steel, it goes without saying, powerful. It is also easy to maintain and its gloss finish lasts and does not dull with age.

Need little maintenance and is capable of capturing subtle detailing and shades. In the delicacy of its use, the sculptor is able to use it as a right and a painter uses a brush. If you are looking for stainless steel garden sculpture then you are at right place.

Steel sculpture came into being in the hands of artists born in the early 20th century. The sculptor will adapt and modify European modernism so dramatic that they developed their own style.

These artists approach the statue of painted point of view rather than a sculptor and find meaning and beauty in industrial products and the creation of designs using geometric and abstract shapes.

Corten Sculpture Art VSCS-B024

For them, steel is the material of choice. They understand that the steel could replace not just the lines and planes of marble, metal and even wood, but give the finished artwork strength and presence of no other material can match.

Steel sculpture opens the door to new concepts. The size of the statue is now only limited to the imagination of the sculptor.

And because steel is immune to the effects of weather, a large outdoor sculpture became common.

It's not just fruit for private collections and galleries but were made for public places. steel sculptures can now be commissioned by the city government to the public plazas, parks, airports, and buildings. The availability of public findings for commissioning large statues gives a great fillip for the genre steel sculpture.


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