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A web designer or web developer has become synonymous. Actually, though, a web designer is a person that analyze, plot and plan a website. A web developer is a person who uses HTML and XML to actually get out on the page. He is the one who takes care of writing the language for graphics, audio, and video streaming web pages and other rich media. If you are looking for the best web design in Singapore then you can explore various online sources.

There are many ready-made templates and platforms available online today. Using this type of web page set up does not make you a web designer or developer. You may be tech-savvy but until you can write your own program, you cannot be called a web developer.

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The answer depends on the person doing the web designing. It can take only a few hours to several days. For ready-template used in skin change Web site, a few minutes will do. Free website platform will take only a few minutes to build. The customized and personalized e-commerce site will take several days or even weeks to build and perfect it.

Cost depends on the design of your site content. A customized website can have a height as low as $ 100 to $ 2000 plus. Prices are really depending on requirements. Personal websites are cheaper to design. However, e-commerce with trading and product display and check-out counter expensive.

If you want your customers and readers to take you seriously, you must have their own personal website and your domain name. It will be a tough sell to you if you do not even afford the time, money and effort to have a domain name and web site of your own.


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